Professional Plumbing Service in Pokhara

Who thinks much about plumbing and electrical works while planning for a home? It is the least considered thing during the planning of new construction and becomes the most vulnerable thing over the year after being in use. The beautiful painting that we did in our sitting room will have no value when you start seeing dampness in the same wall. The problem of water leakage and seepage mostly happens due to poor plumbing planning and poor water-proofing knowledge.

Just think about it, most of us might have made our home or might be planning. Will you ever think about the plumbing work? Will you give your time to review the plumbing drawing that the engineer proposes or do you even bother about the plumbing drawing at all?

In Pokhara, the city where we live, 98% of the house owners don’t consider drawing for the plumbing and electrical work. They just rely upon the contractor or the local plumber and electrician. They simply ask what all do you want, and that’s it. I agree, most of us don’t have the knowledge and they have to rely on someone. Many disputes can be seen between the contractor and the house owner, the plumber, and the house owner on the same issue, but still, the trend is the same. Nobody has ever changed the way they work.

We at Ek Call Home Solutions(ECHS), do propose house owners to at least consider such drawing before even starting their work. It may take up their few bucks upfront, but it will save a huge problem that may arise in the future. The hassle with the technician may reduce and future maintenance costs can be prevented.

Ek Call wants to bridge the gap and provide professional plumbing service from the beginning itself. This trend needs to be developed in order to avoid future problems. We recommend all the house owners to at least consult any of the professional plumbing service providers in the city before constructing your new house.